The School of Performing Arts is an All-Steinway School


The School of Performing Arts celebrates a new era of music distinction when it accepted delivery of eight upright pianos and two grand pianos designed specifically for the school by Steinway & Sons in New York. This distinction is shared by just more than 150 universities, conservatories and schools worldwide, and has placed The School of Performing Arts in a class of its own as the only All-Steinway School in this area. All-Steinway Schools demonstrate a commitment to excellence by providing their students and faculties with the best equipment possible for the study of music.Students of The School of Performing Arts will benefit from the All-Steinway distinction not only in playing or performing to the level of excellence inspired by the Steinway instruments, but also because the investment reflects a commitment to a Steinway-approved program to maintain their pianos in performance-quality condition whether being used in the practice room or the concert hall. 

“We are thrilled to become an All-Steinway School of distinction and join the ranks of some of the most prestigious schools in the world. I am personally excited for our distinguished faculty and students who will have the privilege of performing and practicing on the Steinways for years to come. A partnership with Steinway allows our students access to amazing master class teachers and concerts in the Chicago area. This is very exciting!” 

- Barbara Yokom, Executive Director and Founder