Broadway Babies


Ages 3–5

Our Spring Session of Broadway Babies will focus on stories direct from Broadway- The Great White Way!

Timeless classics with great characters, memorable music and dancing! Continue your acting classes while being immersed in rich stories that teach us life lessons.

Studio performances will take place in your child’s classroom on the last day of your session.

Important Note: You may register for these classes at any time – Open Enrollment. If you are registered for one session, that does not mean you are automatically registered for the following session.

Tuition: $130/$80


February 5 - April 16
Jellicle Cats come out tonight, Jellicle cats come one come all!
A vintage Broadway show all about CATS...sneaky cats, mysterious cats, silly cats but most of all curious cats. Come and create your favorite Jellicle and go to your very own Jellicle Ball!
Fun music mixed with creative movement will make 'CATS"a favorite with your budding actor!
Tuition $130
Tuesday: 10:00am - 11:00pm w/ Darby Schober


February 8-April 19
The hills are alive with my favorite things! Using our imaginations, we'll climb the mountains of Austria, learn the Landler dance and create the Von Trapp family for ourselves!
Tuition $130
Friday: 11-12pm w/ Miss Darby Schober


April 23-May 28 (6 weeks)
Yes! There is a hit musical all about our favorite sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Explore and create the characters of Bikini Bottom and let "Hero Be Your Middle Name"
Tuition $130
Tuesday: 10-11am w/ Miss Darby Schober


April 26-May 31 (6 weeks)
Come Somewhere Over The Rainbow and create characters from Oz, Munchkinland and find out why There's No Place Like Home. Roar like the lion,dance like the Tinman or even think logical thoughts like the Scarecrow..every character is unique and waiting for you to bring them to life. 
Tuition: $80
Friday: 11am-12pm w/ Miss Darby Schober