Dance students must attend all classes in appropriate attire stated below or requested by the teacher. 

Female Dancers:

Ballet, Pointe: Black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, Pointe shoes when applicable, hair in bun and pinned away from face

Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary: Tight fitting dance shorts or pants, tight fitting tops, jazz shoes (tan or black jazz shoes are acceptable), hair needs to be pulled back.

Hip Hop: Comfortable clothing, sneakers. No jeans or revealing attire.

Tap: Comfortable clothing, tap shoes, hair needs to be pulled back and away from face. Dance clothes are preferred. No jeans or revealing attire.

Creative Beginner: Pink leotard and tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes (Creative Movement II, Pre-Ballet/Tap only), hair needs to be pulled back and away from face. NO skirts.

Male Dancers:

Ballet White T-shirt, black tights, black ballet shoes.

Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary T-shirt, black pants or shorts that allow for movement but are not baggy. Please wear tank under T-shirt.

Hip Hop Comfortable clothing, sneakers. No jeans Tap Comfortable clothing, tap shoes. No jeans.

Creative Beginner T-shirt, pants or shorts that allow for movement.

Classroom Etiquette

  • No food or gum chewing allowed in any class.
  • Please arrive to class on time.
  • Please use the restroom before class begins.
  • Water bottles are permissible in class.
  • Teachers are generally not available for lengthy discussions right before and after class. If you wish to set up a separate time to speak with your teacher please contact the office or speak with the teacher directly.
  • If a student misses a class, any make up must be made in the same Quarter of the missed class. Students may make up classes in their equivalent level or below



  • All dance students are automatically enrolled in their current classes each Quarter/Semester. 
  • We ask that all families keep a current credit card on file. If tuition is not received by first day of class each Quarter or Semester, The School of Performing Arts has your permission to charge your credit/debit card held on file to ensure your student's registration in class. 
  • If your student is not continuing with a class, please email the Business Office ONE WEEK prior to the end of class at
  • There are no refunds, credits or transfers of any fees.



Students are encouraged and expected to attend class regularly. Dance students are entitled to make up missed classes during the current session at an equivalent level or below.



We are proud to have professional faculty who are still appearing and performing with some of the most respected ensembles in their respective fields. Occasionally their professional duties take them away from our classrooms. When teachers are performing, they choose substitutes for their classes. Whenever possible, substitutes are hired from our existing faculty. When this is impossible, substitute teachers are professional colleagues of the teacher. In either case, substitutes are briefed on the class syllabus, so that the progression of study can go on uninterrupted. We appreciate your feedback on substitute teachers.



Class placement is determined at the time of registration based on the student’s age and experience. Instructors evaluate students during the first few weeks of class to assure proper placement. Where there is any doubt about student level, we place students in a lower level so that the student may be advanced rather than moved back if an adjustment is required. The progress of each student is monitored by faculty and individual level recommendations are made each year in the spring. Note: Dance students should expect to stay in each dance level an average of two years.



The School of Performing Arts produces an annual spring Dance Concert. All dance department students are encouraged to participate in it. Information regarding participation in this event will be handed out in class in the early part of the year. Students are not required to participate, but it is highly recommended. *Please note in your schedule that a few of the weekly scheduled classes will not be learning dances for the Dance Concert because they are connected with the Ensemble rehearsal times.



The dance department at The School of Performing Arts schedules two parent observation weeks per year. The dates for “parent observation” will be on the school calendar given at the start of the school year. All are encouraged to come see their child’s progress during these weeks.



The school very rarely closes for bad weather. If the school districts close for inclement weather, make sure you call The School of Performing Arts before assuming that we are closed as well. We will contact you via email or eblast with weather related closings. As always, you may use your own discretion and make up the class if necessary.



The School of Performing Arts may use any photograph and video taken of you/your child at The School or any performance for promotional purposes.