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2017 Sonata & Sonatina Festival



2017 Sonata & Sonatina Festival for Young Pianists hosted by the School of Performing Arts and the Illinois State Music Teachers Association, Naperville Chapter

The 2017 Sonata & Sonatina Festival is an annual event celebrating the many accomplishments of young musicians. The event provides students an opportunity to perform a sonata or sonatina of their choice and to be adjudicated by professional musicians and educators, enhancing their musical and technical understanding of the piece.

When:  Sunday, November 19th, 2017  9am-4pm
Where: The School of Performing Arts – 1112 S. Washington St., Naperville IL
Registration Fee: $25

Registration forms available:

* Hard copy registration form at the business office at the School of Performing Arts

Registration form & payment due Saturday, October 7th by 6pm

Repertoire Requirements & Info

Judging: Festival participants will perform for one judge only. The judge’s decision regarding scores is final. The judging room is open only to the contestant, judge and monitor. They are closed to family members, friends, teachers,
and other students.

Warm-Ups: Contestants may play a brief warm-up before beginning their performance, such as a scale or brief section of a piece which is not their Festival selection.

Attire: Please remember that the festival is considered a formal performance. Jeans, t-shirts, flip flops, athletic shoes and other sports attire are not appropriate. If you are unclear what designates formal performance attire, please speak with your teacher in greater detail.

Memorization: Students must perform their piece from memory without repeats.
Information about your piece: Students should come to the festival prepared to tell the judge an interesting fact about their piece/composer. Students will also be asked about the basic information of their piece such as composer, key, opus number (if applicable), movement numbers and tempo marking of the piece to be performed.
*If the tempo marking is not in english, the student should know the translation/meaning.

Measure number: Please number each measure of your score for the judge to readily refer to a specific section while writing notes and speaking with you.

Scale: Students are required to play the scale in the key of the piece they are performing. For intermediate students hands together or hands separate 1 octave. For advanced students 2-4 octaves hands together in parallel or (optional) including contrary motion.

Repertoire: Two contrasting movements of a three-movement sonatina, or one movement of a sonata (first, second or third movement, or a theme & variation movement.)
Examples of exceptions to the above requirements:

  1. A complete two-movement sonatina; a one movement sonatina accompanied by a contrasting movement from a different sonatina.
  2. If performing a short sonata (such as a Scarlatti sonata of less than 62 measures) the student should perform a second contrasting sonata of comparable length.

Awards: Medals will be awarded based on the following point system:
15-17 points (Gold Medal)
18-21 points (Silver Medal)
21-45 points (Bronze Medal).
Medals are ordered at the conclusion of the festival and will be available approximately 2-3 weeks after the festival.

Students are awarded 1-3 points on the following criteria: accuracy, tempo, technique, tone quality, dynamics, balance, phrasing, mood & style, memorization, poise/stage presence, pedaling, having measures numbered, played scale, knew fact about the piece/composer and lastly knew basic information about their piece (Movt. number, tempo marking, etc.)

Teachers and students will have a written critique available to them after the conclusion of the event.

Students will be given a contestant number for anonymity and to check their score throughout the day.

Arrival: The School of Performing Arts will not have any practice rooms available prior to your adjudication time so please arrive already warmed up, with plenty of time to use the restroom and adjust attire.


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