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Learn and love the language of music with us.

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Our Music Mission

The Music Department at The School of Performing Arts believes every person deserves the opportunity to learn and enjoy music. Following the proud tradition of music training through private lessons, group classes, performance and ensemble coaching, SPA aims to inspire a lifelong love of the arts in every student!


Performances and auditions

Performances at SPA!

Each year our music students have the option to participate in two festivals, two formal recitals, various outside performances including Chriskindle Market, Harry Potter Ball at Barnes & Noble and other events, and can participate in formal Junior and Senior recitals. SPA believes that performance is an integral part of music education, and we strive to do our best to provide the best type of opportunity for each student.

Performing Ensembles

Private coaching

Private coaching at SPA all year round!

Private coaching sessions are offered specifically to students preparing for an audition or special performance. Students may have a coaching with their current teacher or a different instructor for a fresh perspective and additional concepts. String students can perform “mock auditions” to help better prepare for IMEA, youth orchestra, seating placement auditions, etc. Coaching requests must be submitted for approval by Department Director Rhapsody Snyder prior to registering, and students may register for one to three coaching sessions.

$50 / 30-minute Coaching*
$90 / 60-minute Coaching Payment/Registration*

*As of June 1, 2017

All Private Coaching students must register with The School of Performing Arts.
Coachings are scheduled through SPA Business Office and/or Department Directors; payment is facilitated through the SPA Business office. Students may register for no more than three coachings per project.
Coaching students will be invited to additional seminars and workshops on audition etiquette, resume building, and more professional aspects within artistic fields.


Special Discount

$190.00 FOR 10 CLASSES
If you are age eighteen or older, you might be interested in purchasing a Class Card. This will allow you to take class in keeping with your busy schedule. Just register for your class of choice, purchase ten classes at a discounted rate, and attend class with less stress!

Music Faculty