Spring Music Recital
Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19 in the Black Box Theater

To participate, please fill out the registration information below no later than Saturday, April 13.

Please submit one registration per student or ensemble. A $10.00 participation fee will be charged to your account upon registration.

Ask your teacher which of the recitals they are scheduled on and select your first choice and second choice when registering. We will do out best to accommodate, but please understand that there are many students and families to consider and we may not be able accommodate everyone completely.

Recital Times: Saturday at 5:00 and 7:00 Sunday at 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00

Information for students needing an accompanist: SPA will provide a professional accompanist. A fee of $30 will be charged for one rehearsal and the performance. Rehearsal times will be set up following the April 13 registration deadline.


Saturday, April 13

 This festival is open to all students who study private music with teachers on faculty at The School of Performing Arts.  Students will perform for a judge and receive constructive and educational feedback.  In addition to a written evaluation, medals will be awarded based on students’ scores.

 REPERTOIRE:  Students should prepare one piece, which can be from any era or style of music including, but not limited to:  Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Musical Theater, Jazz, Contemporary or Pop.   Music should not exceed 5 minutes in length.  Repertoire must be performed from memory without repeats.

 Students should come prepared to tell the judge and interesting fact about their piece or composer of the piece.  Students should also know the basic information about the piece such as composer, key, opus number and what larger work it is from, if applicable. 

 Talk with your teacher to see if this event is something you are ready to participate in.  Also, reach out to your teacher or Director of Music Administration, Charlie Yokom, with any questions. 

 If you are interested in participating, please follow the registration link below.  Fill out one registration per student or ensemble. 

 Registration Deadline:  Saturday, March 22. 

Registration fee:  $25.00 for soloists and $12.50 per additional instrument the student plays or per student in a duo/ensemble.