Why Exercise when you can DANCE?  This unlimited dance enrollment will meet your needs.  Attend any and all dance classes for $60 a month!  What a deal!  

Be Moved
Born from lyrical jazz and contemporary dance, Pure BeMoved is the genre for those who love an immersive dance experience. Pure BeMoved uses expansive, breath-based movements along with rhythmically based steps, that highlight the diverse choreography as well as the eclectic musical selections.
Monday, 1-2pm w/Annie

College Tap
Tuesday, 3-4pm w/Ja'Bowen

Adult Tap
Tuesday, 7-8pm w/Ja'Bowen

Adult Ballet
Wednesday, 8:15-9:45pm w/Susan
(Requires pre-paid registration by 7:15pm)

Be Sculpted
(Yoga Sculpt)
Friday, 10:15-11am w/Sylvia

$60 unlimited